TEEN ANGST: Live music returns to the University of Newcastle’s Bar On The Hill on Thursday in a massive way with hardcore rockers The Amity Affliction. MUSIC5 Sawyers Friday, AK Morris. Saturday, DJ Salt. Sunday, Adrianna Mac.

Albion Hotel SingletonFriday, Hendo.

Anna Bay TavernSaturday, Slam Tango.Sunday, Dean Dee.

Argyle House Friday, Zombie Nation.

Australia Hotel CessnockThursday, Pat Vs Cat.

Bar On The Hill Thursday, The Amity Affliction,Hellions, Ocean Grove.

Battlesticks BarSaturday,Richard Walker,Meages Hill.Sunday, Pana,Mark Wood.

Bay Hotel Saturday, Purple Rain.

Beach Hotel Saturday, Thread. Sunday, Grayson.

Bellbird HotelSunday, Hendo.

Belmont 16sFriday, Anyerin, Midnight Drifters. Saturday, The Years, Bobby C. Sunday, Marissa.

Belmont Hotel Thursday, Triple Hottest 100, Mic & Josh.

Belmore Hotel Saturday, Rocket.

Beresfield Bowling Club Thursday, Phonic. Friday, 24 Hours. Saturday, Loko. Sunday, Be Bop A Lula.

Blackbutt Hotel Friday, Layth Gunn. Saturday, Phase III.

The Bradford Thursday, Redline. Friday, Frets With Benefits. Saturday, Iguana. Sunday, David McCredie.

Burwood Inn Thursday, Triple J Hottest 100, Timmy Coffey. Friday,Brown Bear & Hooves.

Cambridge Hotel Friday, Split Feed,Jacob,Altai,Shysters.

Cardiff RSL Club Friday, Aaron Hood. Saturday, The Smarts.

Carrington Bowling Club Friday, Pap & That. Saturday, Newcastle Blues & Roots Festival ft.Ngariki Larouqe & The Lazy Lamas,Plastic Voyage,Swamp Stompers,The New Black Shades,Roy Rose,Annie O’Dee And The Hotshots,Merewether Fats Blues Band,Helena Kitley,Dan Southward,Ball and Biscuit,Walter Jnr Blues Band.

Catho PubThursday, The Bad And The Ugly.Saturday, Duncan Woods.Sunday, Steve Edmonds Band.

Caves Beachside Hotel Thursday, Triple Hottest 100. Friday, Banddits. Saturday, Matt Gresham, Redline.

Central Charlestown Leagues Club Friday, The Andy Show. Saturday, Michael Muchow.

Central HotelStroudThursday, Circus Mule,Ngariki.

Cessnock Leagues Club Friday, Tim Harding. Saturday, Solid Gold Party Night.

Cessnock Racecourse Sunday, Zane Penn.

Charlestown Bowling Club Friday, Mick Jones. Saturday, Mardmax.

Clarendon Hotel Friday, Matt McLaren.

Club LemonTree Friday, Let Loose. Saturday, Boney Rivers.

Colliery Inn Thursday, Mardy Leith. Saturday, Michael Peter. Sunday, Lee Rolfe.

Commercial Hotel Morpeth Saturday, Pete Hibbert.

Criterion Hotel Carrington Friday, Greg Bryce. Sunday, Todd Schmoo.

Criterion Hotel WestonSaturday, In The Van.

Customs House Friday, Bonny Rai. Saturday, Alessandro. Sunday, Kaylah Anne.

Cypress Lakes Saturday, Marissa.

D’Albora Marina Thursday, Mick Jones, Matt McLaren. Friday, Mike Horbacz. Sunday, Ben Travis.

Denman HotelSunday, Ian Henry.

Duke Of WellingtonFriday,Bobby C.Saturday, The Dreamcatchers.

East Maitland Bowling Club Friday,Phonic. Saturday, Loose Bazooka. Sunday,Andrew G.

Edgeworth TavernFriday, The Way.Saturday, Ian Henry.

Family Hotel MaitlandThursday,The Way.Saturday, Witchery.Sunday, Dan Killen.

Finnegans Saturday, DJ Dyan Sanders, MC Kidd Kaos.

FogHorn BrewhouseFriday, Elwood Myre. Saturday, Hot Cop.

Gallipoli Legion Club Friday, The Lamplighters.

Gateshead TavernFriday, Loose Lips. Sunday,Kevin O’Hara.

George Tavern Friday, CrocQ. Saturday, Melbourne Street.

Grain Store Thursday, Triple J Hottest 100. Saturday,TomBuckley. Sunday, Tim Rossington.

Grand Hotel Tuesday, Steve Hunter Trio.

Grand Junction Hotel Friday, Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric, East Coast Love, Garry David. Saturday, Little Georgia. Sunday, Beef Week.

Great Northern Hotel Teralba Saturday, Chad Shuttleworth.

Greenroof Hotel Friday, Lauren Arms. Saturday, Mike Horbacz.

Greta Workers ClubFriday, Rock Oz.

Gunyah Hotel Friday, The Remedy. Saturday, Alias. Sunday, Damien.

​Hamilton Station HotelThursday, Madhouse DJs. Saturday,Heads of Charm,Family Dog,PALS,Big Chief and the Bottle Openers. Sunday, Jen Buxton.

Harrigan’s Pokolbin Friday, Overload. Saturday, Brendan Murphy, Dos Eager. Sunday, Arley Black.

Holmesville HotelSunday, The V Dubs.

Honeysuckle Hotel Friday, Sundays Record. Saturday, Hummingbirds. Sunday, Jerome.

Hotel Delany Friday, Sean Andrews, Code Red.Saturday, The Urge.

Hotel Jesmond Friday, Michael Mills.

Iron Horse Inn Saturday, Grand Theft Audio.

Jewells Tavern Thursday, Dr Zoom. Saturday, Hornet.

The Junction Hotel Friday, Aqwa. Saturday, Tim Rossington.

Kent Hotel Friday, Dos Eager. Saturday, The V-Dubs. Sunday, Giant Blues Band.

King Street Hotel Friday, Generik.

Lake Macquarie Tavern Friday, Michael Muchow.

Lakeside Village Tavern Wednesday, Viagro.

The Landing Saturday, Dave Carter. Sunday, Ryan Daley.

Lambton Park HotelFriday,Ryan Daley.Saturday, Bounce Trio.

Lass O’GowrieThursday, Sailors Grave.Friday, Drama,Dos Enos,Jucy Lucy. Saturday Owen Rabbit,Hey Lady!,Dark Ally,The Breakfast Club. Sunday, The Dershwins, Hypno Fuzz, Voodoo Youth, Cool Kaye, Bryen, El Spanko, Geyer, Haestings, James Edge.

Lizotte’s Friday, Mental As Anything,James Chatburn. Saturday-Sunday, Russell Morris, Daniel March.

Lochinvar Hotel Thursday, Reg Sinclair.

Lucky Hotel Friday, Howie & Alex. Saturday, CrocQ. Sunday, Dean Kyrwood.

Maitland Bowling Club Friday, Stephen Boyd.

Maitland Leagues Club Thursday, Louis Burt.Friday, Start The Boats, Mayday Hey Way, Unfit For Human Consumption.

Mark Hotel Thursday, Hornet. Saturday, Phonic. Sunday, Jungle Kings.

Mary Ellen Friday, Phase III. Saturday, The Cassettes. Sunday, Jason Bone.

Maryland Tavern Friday, Daniel Arvidson.Saturday, Full Throttle.

Maryville Tavern Saturday, KarenSoper.

Mattara Hotel Thursday, Anyerin.

Mavericks On The Bay Friday, Todd Schmoo. Saturday, Robbie T. Sunday, Howard Shearman.

Mavericks On Darby Friday, Jerome. Saturday, Zane Penn.

Merewether Surfhouse Sunday, Jerome.

Mezz Bar at Wallsend DiggersThursday,Russell Snape & the Country Covers.Friday,The Cassettes.Saturday,GenR8.Sunday,Greg Bryce.

Morisset Country ClubThursday, Spank N The Monkey.

Murray’s Brewery Thursday, Amy Fredes. Sunday, Pete Gelzinnis.

Nag’s Head Hotel Saturday, The Remedy.

Nelson Bay Bowling ClubFriday, Darren Rolling Keys.

Nelson Bay Diggers Friday, 2GoodReasons. Saturday, The Big Bang. Sunday, Emily Smith.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club Thursday, The Years. Sunday, Bobby C.

Newcastle Leagues Club –The Vault Friday,HorrorwoodMannequins, From Love To Violence, Saralisse,Beast Impalor.

Northern Star HotelFriday,Milli Casey.Saturday, Deanna Rose.

Pedens Cessnock Friday, Kaylah Anne. Saturday, 2 To The Floor.

Pippis At The Point Friday, Zane Penn, Dean Kyrwood. Saturday, Todd Schmoo. Sunday, Matt McLaren.

Potters Brewery Friday, James Naldo.

The PourhouseSaturday, Samantha Broadbent.

Premier Hotel Saturday, Jamie Martens. Sunday, The Years.

Prince of Wales Hotel Saturday, Banddits. Sunday, Kaylah Anne.

Queens Wharf Hotel Thursday, Loko, Jerome, Alessandro. Friday, Matt Meler. Saturday, Todd Schmoo, Surian. Sunday, Kylie Jane, Wharf Life.

Raymond Terrace Bowling Club Sunday, Big Pete.

River Royal Inn MorpethSaturday, Dean Dee.

Royal Federal HotelBranxton Friday, Rocket. Saturday, Sundays Record.

Royal Hotel SingletonSunday, Lennie and Carter.

Royal Inn Waratah Saturday, Jack Attack.

Royal Motor Yacht Club TorontoThursday, Dean Dee.Friday, Dynamic DJs.Sunday, Maryanne Rex.

Salamander Shores Saturday, Viagra Falls.

Seabreeze Hotel Friday, Witchery. Sunday, Lauren Arms.

Singleton DiggersSaturday, Rendezvous.

Small BallroomSaturday, The Front Bottoms (US).

Soldiers Point Bowling ClubFriday, Chad Shuttleworth.Saturday, Snape Brothers.

Spinning Wheel Hotel Friday, Phil McKnight.

Stag and Hunter Hotel Friday, The Urban Chiefs. Saturday, The Hunted Crows.

Stockton Bowling Club Thursday, Ken Jones. Saturday, Steve Edmonds Band. Sunday, Barracuda.

Stockton RSLClub Saturday, Jumpin Jukebox.

Swansea Hotel Friday, Kevin O’Hara, Saturday, Greg Bryce. Sunday, Loko.

Swansea RSLClub Saturday, Back Beat.

Tanilba Bay Golf ClubThursday, Rock Factor.

Tea Gardens Country ClubSunday, Frets With Benefits.

Tea Gardens Hotel Friday, Darren Gould. Saturday, Pete Gelzinnis.

Telarah Bowling Club Sunday, Chad Shuttleworth.

Tilligerry RSL Friday, Junior & Luana. Saturday, Mark Lee.

Toronto Diggers Friday, 40 Up Club. Saturday, John Noble.

Toronto Workers Thursday, Karen O’Shea. Saturday, The Bad & Ugly. Sunday, Mick Jones.

Town Hall Hotel Sunday, Jackson Halliday.

Victoria Hotel HintonFriday, Murray Byfield. Saturday, Kellie Cain. Sunday, Pistol Pete.

Wangi HotelThursday, Duncan Woods.Sunday,Sarah Christine.

Wangi Wangi RSLClub Thursday, Leigh Warren. Friday, Lee Rolfe. Sunday, Mark Lee.

Warners At The Bay Friday, Emily Smith. Saturday, 2GoodReasons.

Warners Bay Foreshore Friday, Hey Poncho.

Westfield Kotara Thursday, Gareth Hudson. Saturday, The Andy Show.

Weston WorkersSaturday, Rock Oz.

Wests Cardiff Saturday, Cruzers.

Wests City Saturday, RUFUS.

Wests New Lambton Thursday, Angamus. Friday, Cruzers. Saturday, The Rattle. Tuesday, Angamus.

West Wallsend Workers Friday, Alias.

Wickham Park HotelThursday,Monsters Of Rock.Friday,Milestones.Saturday, Hey Poncho.Sunday, Pat Capocci,Stormcellar.

Windsor Castle Hotel Saturday, Anyerin. Sunday, The Andy Show.

MOVIESAllied(M)1942. Max (Brad Pitt), a French-Canadian spy, falls in love and marries French agent Marianne (Marion Cotillard), after a mission in Casablanca. Max is notified that Marianne is likely a Nazi spy and begins to investigate her.

Assassin’s Creed(M)When Callum Lynch explores the memories of his ancestor Aguilar and gains the skills of a Master Assassin, he discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society.

Ballerina(G) Ayoung orphandevises a madcap plan to escape the orphanage for Paris, where the Eiffel Tower is still being built.

Collateral Beauty(M) When a successful New York advertising executive experiences a deep personal tragedy and retreats from life entirely, his colleagues devise a drastic plan to force him to confront his grief.

Jackie(MA)Following the assassination of her husband, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy fights through grief and trauma to regain her faith, console her children, and define her husband’s historic legacy.

​La La Land(CTC)A jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.

Lion(PG)A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Kolkata, thousands of kilometres from home.

Live By Night (MA)A story set in the Prohibition Era and centered around a group of individuals and their dealings in the world of organized crime.

Moana(PG)A young woman uses her navigational talents to set sail for a fabled island. Joining her on the adventure is her hero, the legendary demi-god Maui.

Middle School – The Worst Years of My Life(PG)A quiet teenage artist Rafe Katchadorian has a wild imagination andcomes up with a plan: break every rule in the school hand book and as you expect trouble follows.

Monster Trucks(PG)Looking for any way to get away from the life and town he was born into, a high school seniorbuilds a monster truck from bits and pieces of scrapped cars. An accident at a nearby oil-drilling site soon displacesa strange and subterranean creature with a taste and a talent for speed.

​Passengers(M)A spacecraft travelling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 60 years early.

Patriots Day (M)An account of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis’s actions in the events leading up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists behind it.

Red Dog: True Blue(PG)Explores the early events leading up to Red Dog’s discovery on the road to Dampier, and his ultimate rise from ordinary dog to Australian legend.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (MA)Following the events of “Resident Evil: Retribution”, Project Alice is forced to race against time as the villainous Red Queen attempts to destroy the final remnants of humanity.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(M)Rebels set out on a mission to steal the plans for the Death Star.

Sing(G)A koala named Buster recruits his best friend to help him drum up business for his theatre by hosting a singing competition.

Split (M)Kevin, a man with at least 23 different personalities, is compelled to abduct three teenage girls. As they are held captive, a final personality – “The Beast” – begins to materialize.

The Edge of Seventeen(M)Two high school girls are best friends until one dates the other’s older brother, who is totally his sister’s nemesis.

The Met Opera: Lamour De Loin (E)Debuting Finnish conductor Susanna Mälkki leads the performance, which stars Susanna Phillips as Clémence, Eric Owens as Jaufré, and Tamara Mumford as the Pilgrim who carries messages of love between them.

Trolls(G)Poppy, the optimistic leader of the Trolls, andBranch are polar opposites. Together, theyembark on an adventure that takes them beyond their world.

Where Am I Going? (M)An unemployed factory worker is trying to make ends in working-class France.

Why Him?(CTC) An overprotective but loving dad, andhis family visit his daughter at Stanford, where he meets his nightmare: her well-meaning, but socially awkward,billionaire boyfriend.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage(M)Xander Cage is left for dead after an incident, though he secretly returns to action for a new, tough assignment with his handler Augustus Gibbons.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions (PG)The stakes have never been higher; the rivalries never as fierce; the risks never so great. One wrong move?one card short?and it’s game over for good.

THEATRELaughter on the 23rd FloorPlaywright Neil Simon looks amusingly at the problems thatfaced him and other television comedy writers in the 1950s. Newcastle Theatre Company,Lambton. Wednesday, Friday and Saturdayat 8pm, until February 4, plus2pm Saturday on January 28.