Support growing for Narooma Regional Busking Festival

Narooma Rotarian Chris O’Brien and Narooma Sporting & Services Club general manager Tony Casu are both excited that the club will be a major sponsor of the Narooma Regional Championship of the Australian National Busking Championships on Saturday, May 27. Narooma Rotary is delighted to have a second major sponsor for the Narooma Regional Busking Festival on Saturday, May 27, part of the Australian National Busking Championships (ANBC).
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Narooma Sporting & Services Club general manager Tony Casu said his club wasalways keen to support anything that brings tourism and business to the town.

“What we particularly like about the Busking festival is it will involve so many different areas around town,”he said. “Traditionally events in Narooma have taken place in one area, with secondary flow on effects to other areas.

“This festival will have buskers rotating through many assigned locations around Narooma throughout the day and so potentially directly benefit each of those areas.”

Rotarian Chris O’Brien, a member of the organising committee, said it was “a real coup”that Narooma is hosting one of the ANBC regional championships, through Narooma Rotary Club.

“The local reaction to the busking festival in May has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’, even though it’s four months away,” she said. “People are so excited it’s happening and that they’ll be a part of it.

“Many businesses have already offered to sponsor a busking hot spot outside their premises, and it’s a free event for the community enabling them to hear a range of talented performers from across south eastern NSW, ACT, Victoria and northern NSW.”

Narooma Sporting & Services Club will provide $1,000 to the winner of the concert at Narooma Golf Club that evening, as judged by a panel. The winner will also be offered a paid gig at Club Narooma in the near future.

Narooma Golf Club will donate $1,000 to the People’s Choice award to the busker that gets the most ‘busker dollars’.

Festival coordinator Sandra Doyle said the ANBC hadgrown over the last six years from being held exclusively in Cooma to being a national event this year with regional competitions in Stanthorpe, Noosa and Ballarat, as well as Narooma.

The winners from the regional events will be invited to compete in the National Grand Final in Cooma in November.

For more information: busking.naroomarotary.org419论坛 and facebook南京夜网/ANBC Narooma.

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Rachael shows bullies what she’s made of

Growing up in western Sydney, this year’s Toyota Star Maker winner, Rachael Fahim, first heard country music thanks to her parents’ music collection.
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She now follows in the footsteps of Amber Lawrence and a previous Star Maker winner Travis Collins, who come from the big smoke to make their mark on country music.

“I just [found myself]falling into the country genre, mainly because people would tell me, ‘you have such a country voice’,” Fahim said.

“I wasn’t too sure what that meant at first, but I can tell this is where I sit, and this is what I love doing.”

Her country credentials were on show for all to see during Sunday night’s final when she performed a haunting version of the Dolly Parton classicJolene.

Fahim joked that she had been singing so long, the first words she ever spoke as a toddler were probably song lyrics.

At age eight she started singing lessons, laterspent some time on the talent quest circuit, and has already recorded several singles.

During her teenage years, she turned to songwriting after being bullied at school by a group of girls.

“It wasn’t fun at all, and I think music was a great outlet for me.I was able to write songs, I was able to put my emotions into something.”

Fahim said Star Makerneeded to be the next step in her career, which is what prompted her to enter.

“The amount of opportunities you get from such a prestigious competition like Toyota Star Maker, you can’t get anywhere else.

“I entered two years ago, and I thought I was ready, and I wasn’t looking back now.”

After giving ita miss last year, she returned triumphantly on Sunday.

“I did feel ready this time, and felt really positive about it.”

Sinceshe first made the Star Maker grand final in 2015, Fahim said she had learnta lot and felt she was a completely different person musically, compared with the 19 year old who first took to the Star Maker stage.

“I’ve matured as a person, and as an artist,” Fahim said. “The amount of things I have learnt in two years, to me, I’m a completely different person musically, and as Rachael.”

That has included picking up an instrumentand learning to play guitar.

“Now I can play four-hour gigs back in Sydney, and I can play my originals, and play other songs I like, it’s awesome.”

Looking to the year ahead, Fahim said what she was most looking forward to was the touring, but in the meantime, she will be kept busy with appearances during the rest of the festival.

BIRD’S-EYE VIEW: Thousands pack into Bicentennial Park on Sunday night for the Star Maker final, as 10 young country acts performed in front of the largest crowd the concert has ever recorded. Photo: Gareth Gardner

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Premier Berejiklian must make environment a priority

The NSW Nature Conservation Council said they welcomed the election of Premier Gladys Berejiklian – it’s an“opportunity to reset the Coalition Government’s environmental agenda for the benefit of communities and nature across the state”.
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“We congratulate Ms Berejiklian on her election as Premier and look forward to working with her constructively to turn around the Coalition government’s poor environmental record of the past six years,” NCC CEO Kate Smolski said.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

“Ms Berejiklian has much to do to repair the harm to nature caused by her predecessors and to restore the Liberal Party’s environmental reputation.

“To date, the Coalition government has failed to chart a sustainable future for our state. Premiers Baird and O’Farrell were asleep at the wheel on environmental policy, allowing those with a financial interest in weakening environmental protections to shape nature laws in this state.

“Ms Berejiklian’s elevation is an opportunity for the government to reset its position on many environmental and planning policy issues, enhance protections for wildlife, bushland and marine life, and to act decisively on climate change.

“Earlier this year, the government set a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, which wasa positive signal that climate change is being taken more seriously by the Coalition.

“We are very keen to work with Ms Berejiklian to help her achieve that goal well before 2050 by ramping up investment in renewables and hastening the closure of coal-fired power stations.

“We sincerely hope the new premier takes a genuine interest in the protection of theastonishing natural beauty and wildlife that is the common legacy of all people in NSW.”

Ms Smolski said environmental issues that require Ms Berejiklian’s urgent attention include:

Climate change and clean energy transitionBringing forward the net-zero emissions target date from 2050 to 2030Ending coal and CSG mining in NSW – no new coal mines, mine expansions, or gas fieldsRamping up investment in large-scale and household renewablesRestoring strong controls on land clearingEnding native forest loggingThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net….

Lions roar for Australia Day event

Celebration: Lions Club of Collie president Terri Shine and Australia Day Committee board member Liz Hoare ready for Thursday’s event. Photo: Thomas Munday. The Lions Club of Collie is set to pull out all the stops for this year’s Australia Day celebrations.
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The club is once again providing anAustralia Day Breakfast on Thursday, January 26.

Lions Club of Collie Australia Day Committee board member Liz Hoare said the barbecue provided an opportunity for Collie citizens to come together.

“I think it came about, because the Lions are acommunity based club and we’re a not-for-profit organisation, so it was just something for the community to be able to come down and have an Aussie barbie sort of thing for Australia Day,” she said.

Lions Club of Collie president Terri Shine said the event showcased the club’s commitment to Collie along with the organisation’s involvement in the South West.

“It’s been a whole Lions initiative all throughout WA and Australia I think because Harvey does it, Australind Lions Club doit, there is a whole lot of different Lions Clubs all throughout the state,” she said.

“It proves we’re actually part of the community, we’re still doing something for the communitywe’re not just this group that is part of our own little clique.

”It is a community thing, it’s the same as the [Christmas]pageant we do it for the Collie community.

”The rest of the day is family and stuff like that but that first part of the day is actuallyworking with the people that you have chosen to work with and being part of the community.”

Ms Hoare said Australia Day was about coming together with family and friends to celebrate the country.

“I think it’s celebrating being an Aussie and this wonderful land that we live in and live on and it brings the community together, I think the Lionsare all about supporting the community and bringing people together,” she said.

“Just having a good day, enjoying it with family and friends and having something like the traditional Aussie barbie.”

The Collie Australia Day Parade kicks off with participants gathering between Johnston and Forrest streetsat 7am.

The parade will officially begin at 7.15am, travelling throughout Collie CBD.

The event will also include music in Collie Central Park from 7am.

The celebrations also feature the Shire of Collie’s Australia Day awards with categories including Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year.

The Collie Lions Club Breakfast will follow proceedings at around 8am.

Ms Shine said the Lions Club of Collie and Shire of Collie were expecting over 320 people for the proceedings.

Ms Hoare said the spread will include bacon, eggs, baked beans, tomato, onion, hash browns and fruit as well as tea, coffee and juice.

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Letters to the Editor

Liberal Representation letdownI read with interest in The Advocate (January 18) that Senator David Bushby is soon to settle in Launceston.
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Representation: William Holland is dismayed about the lack of attention being given to Braddon by Senator Jonathon Duniam and his senate colleagues.

Whilst this is positive news for residents of that region, the article does advise that “Senator Jonathon Duniam” has taken up a North-West office lease left vacant by Mr Colbeck last year after a months’ long stand-off within the senate team and that it is to serve as a base for the Tasmanian Liberal senate team at a cost of $88,000 a year.

We were also told that Senator Duniam has set up a visiting office in St Helens and New Norfolk but most of his time would be spent on the road visiting people around the expansive Lyons electorate.

Are we second class citizens in the North West?

Why can’t we get a representative who is “on site” and understands firsthand the issues of this Braddon electorate.

The liberal party is in disarray with its Senators in Tasmania.

The previous practice of having a “resident” senator assigned to each electorate in which to do constituency work cannot be achieved.

Why this is the case needs further examination and consideration before the next election, where no doubt we will hear that the Liberals are serving not only Tasmania well but also Braddon and understand the issues we face.

For me the election can’t come soon enough and I’ll be voting for locals, who whilst having a State focus, understand the particular local issues relating to Braddon – such as the Mersey.

William David Holland, Latrobe

Tireless worker supportedObviously people who criticise hard working, caring people like Norma Jamieson have too much time on their hands.

She works tirelessly for the community, always has and no doubt always will.

If the critics have too much time on their hands I could give them some advice.

Would they take that advice? I have no faith that, him, or her or they would.

I would advise them to rethink their criticism unless they are prepared to work as hard as she has and still does.

Community needs are not going to go away. There’s always need for another helping hand.

Marion Thomson, East Devonport

Rates confusionI find it interesting that Devonport council continues to get credit from the media for the non-increase of rates for the past three years.

I have viewed a rate demand from a Devonport ratepayer where the rates for the current year have increased by about 9.99 per cent as they were increased for $100 while the charges for stormwater and other ancillary charges had small increases only.

A comparison of rates with my own rates showed, if the Devonport house was in Ulverstone that ratepayer would pay $351 less and were my house in Devonport, I would be paying about $531 more.

It seems that the lower priced houses in Devonport will continue to have rate increases despite what the media is saying by giving Devonport credit for the non increase of rates.

Can ask that some investigating work be done to clear up the confusion?

Lionel Bonde, Turners Beach

MP entitlementsQuestion: Why could not Federal Labor member Justine Keay use her own money to fly to Canberra instead of using a taxpayer funded flight?

This is an example of all politicians rorting of money, they seem to dip into when they feel like it.

Shame, no exception should be made, so in future no politiciancan use taxpayers money.

Alan Moret, Shorewell

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It’s time for desexing

Kittens: Crookwell Vet Hospital says desex your pets this February. Photo: fileFebruary is ‘Desexing Month’, so Crookwell Vet Hospital encourages all owners with non-desexed pets to book them in.
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Whether cat or dog, male or female, young or old, responsible animal owners have all pets and working dogs desexed.

Pets are rarely too old to desex.Significant health benefits result, including prevention of two serious disease conditions.


Pyometra is a life-threatening infection of the uterus seen in middle-aged to older non-desexed female dogs, eight to 12 weeks after coming into season (less commonly in cats).

It is dangerous for the pet and requires major surgery and intensive care to treat successfully, but desexing stops pyometra developing.


More than 80 per cent of non-neutered eight-year-old male dogs can develop painful prostate disease, making it difficult to pass faeces and urine. Castration causes the prostate gland to shrink.

Castrating dogs before they are one year old stops the development of prostatic disorders altogether.

It is also safe and common practice to desex puppies and kittens from eight weeks of age. Health benefits include:

Females desexed before their first heat have little to no incidence of mammary tumours, their most common cancerDesexed female pets will not develop life-threatening pyometraCastrating dogs before one year of age prevents prostatic disorders and testicular cancerDesexed male cats are less likely to urinate inappropriately and fight for territory. Fights between cats cause abscesses and increase the risk of contracting potentially fatal viruses such as feline immunodeficiency virus (feline AIDS) and feline leukaemia virus.

The environment benefits hugely too. Feral cats right across Australia kill huge numbers of native birds and small mammals.

During February, the Crookwell Vet Hospital is offering 10 per cent off all desexing surgery and half-price geriatric blood screen before surgery for older pets.

Jennie Churchill is co-owner ofCrookwell Vet Hospital. Phone4832 1977

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Coolana presents huge opportunity at 2017 sale

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MARCHING IN: Coolana Angus females and their 2016 drop calves being mustered at Coolana.

In life, people only regret the chances they didn’t take.

For the Gubbins family at Coolana, succession planning has always been big on the agenda and, as a result, they have made the decision to end 45 years of seedstock cattle breeding in March.

This will present an opportunity for cattle producers like few others, with what is believed to be the largest ever dispersal of more than 1200 seedstock Angus females at the Victorian Chatsworth base on Thursday, March 2 and Friday, March 3.

When senior principal Mark Gubbins took on the property from his father, Peter, in 1985, Coolana sold 18 bulls.

This advertising feature is sponsored by the following businesses. Click on the links to learn more:

Hazeldean LitchfieldNampara PastoralYerwal EstateRaven Limousin and LimflexRyeview CharolaisMoyle PathfinderGranite RidgeSterita ParkDuck Island CompositesWarrensvilleDays WhitefaceAllendale Poll HerefordCoolana AngusLast year theannual turn-off of bulls had grown to 285.

Such has been the success of the program that Mark and his wife, Anna, had virtually become slaves to their own business.

“There is not a lot of point in growing the roses if you don’t ever get a chance to smell them,” Mark said.

“For a better life balance, hard decisions had to be made and with our son Max now home and well entrenched in the property management, it was the obvious time to step back and allow the next generation to follow their own dreams.”

Mark said it was not a case of abandoning ship, but rather sailing a course to calmer waters.

The sheer volume of work involved in running more than1200 registered Angus females, plus about 300 Black Simmentals from their more recent cross-Simmental breeding venture proved to be too much for the family, and, it would be unfair to expect Max to carry on single-handedly.

Once the momentous decision has been fully enacted, the Coolana properties at Chatsworth, Vic, and Meningie, SA, will revert to running commercial cattle and sheep.

But that will not be finalised until September 2018 when the last of the current bull drops will be sold.

This will see autumn and spring bull sales being staged in 2017 and 2018, with only Angus bulls being offered in autumn and both breeds being offered in the 2017 and 2018 spring sales.

This dispersal will also include their cross-Simmental Black Simmental herd, comprising of about 300 females.

The sale will take place on Tuesday, February 28, offering world leading genetics from the renowned Lewis herd in Canada, originally imported as embryos.

In what will be a huge week for the Gubbins, having previously made the decision to hold only one autumn Angus bull sale this year, they will then be offering 140 top Angus bulls at Chatsworth on Wednesday, March 1.

This makes the schedule of four sales in four days, offering 1500 Angus and Black Simmental females and 140 Angus bulls, presenting an amazing opportunity for seedstock and commercial cattle producers like no other.

Those who make the most of these chances will most certainly stand to gain the benefits of 45 years of dedicated genetic breeding that has produced wonderful high performing cattle off grass.

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Australia DayPublic urged to plan ahead

Aussie pride: Twin sisters Marit and Marlon Van Breenen dressed up in Australia Day flag last year.MID North Coast Local Area Command are urging members of the public to plan ahead to make Australia Day safe and fun for everyone across the community.
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Police will launch Operation Goldsmith, a high-visibility policing strategy, involving officers from across NSW to ensure all Australians enjoy themselves this Australia Day.

Mid North Coast Local Area Commander, Superintendent Paul Fehon said extra local police will be out and about across the whole of the Mid North Coast as part of Operation Goldsmith.

“We will have the Police Dog Squad, Police on bikes, in vehicles and on the water to ensure the safety of everyone during this time of celebration,” Supt Fehon said.

“Significant numbers are expected to celebrate at various locations and while we want everyone to have a good time, we won’t tolerate behaviour that places others at risk.

“This year we will increase our presence along the beaches including Lake Cathie.”

The northern end of Horton Street (Town Green) will be closed to all traffic from 6am until 4pm on Thursday to cater for Port Macquarie Australia Day celebrations.

All vehicles are required to be removed from this area prior to 6am.

Any vehicles parked in the area after 6am will not be accessible until after 4pm and could be subject to a fine. The road closure will be sign posted to assist traffic detour and control.

Alcohol is prohibited in all Port Macquarie-Hastings parks, beaches and beach reserves from sunset on Wednesday 25 January until sunrise on Friday 27 January.

These areas are called Alcohol Prohibited Zone’s (APZ) and the NSW Police Force will be actively enforcing the ban. The restriction overrides all existing park and beach signage during this period.

There are currently no current alcohol free zones in either Wauchope or Laurieton

“Remember, it is a time to enjoy but not to spoil it for others,” Supt Fehon said.

“Plan your day in advance – including how you’re getting home – and if you’re planning to drink, don’t get behind the wheel.

“Most importantly we are urging people to take notice of Alcohol Prohibited Zones across the Command.

“Special restrictions operate on Australia Day which includes alcohol being prohibited in all parks, beaches and beach reserves across the Port Macquarie/Hastings area.”

For further information on Australia Day activities across the Port Macquarie-Hastings region visit pmhc.nsw.gov419论坛/australiaday or contact Council on 6581 8111.

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From Launceston to Tamworth

COUNTRY PASSION: Musician David Lee has been participating at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, busking on the streets of New South Wales. Picture: supplied.
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Launceston musician David Lee has ticked off one of his bucket list items by busking for the first time at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Mr Lee has performed at country shows around Tasmania but said he had never busked or performed at Tamworth before.

Country music has always been Mr Lee’s passion, since he was a toddler.

“I’ve always enjoyed it; I grew up listening to people like Charlie Pride and people like that,” he said.

“I love the sound, I love the stories behind the songs.”

Mr Lee said he had always wanted to attend and participate at Australia’s biggest country music festival but it took a bit of prodding from his wife to give him the motivation to attend this year.

Mr Lee said he learned to play the guitar when he was 13-year-old but has only played country shows in Tasmania before Tamworth.

“I was on the Coca-Cola stage the other day, that’s a pretty big one to get on to, and the atmosphere was amazing,” he said.

He said he was able to play cover songs from Lee Kernaghan and Charlie Pride as part of his busking scene but he also played some original songs that he co-wrote.

“I released an album just before I got up here so it was great to be able to play some of those songs, I haven’t really played any of them public before because I was saving them for here,” he said.

He said he’d learned a few things while at the festival he hoped to bring back home for his performances in Tasmania.

“The atmosphere is so welcoming, it’s so positive but there’s a lot happening,” he said.

Mr Lee said he’d definitely come back to Tamworth. He is travelling with his wife and two-year-old daughter.

Tamworth Country Music Festival is held at Tamworth, New South Wales from January 20-29.

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Giwining to reopen

Giwining was badly damaged by flood in December 2015.Tucked away off the Victoria Highway, Giwining, or the Flora River Nature Park, is a beautiful spot ideal for a quiet weekend away spent tossing a hopeful line into the river or watching out for the many different birds living in the forests.
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This tiny 78 square kilometre park protects 25km of the Flora River and with it amazing looking animals such as the pig-nosed turtle, fascinating rock formations called tufa dams and spectacular forests that fringe the river.

The traditional custodians of Giwining are the Wardaman people and the park helps protect their cultural landscape. Senior custodians perform ceremonies and songs and tell stories along song-lines that traverse the area and around the parks sacred sites.

Rainfall over the Christmas week of 2015 smashed many records across the Top End. A monsoon trough produced falls of between 230mm and 852mm in a few days over the lower Daly River catchment including the Flora River with more than half of this falling in about 24 hours over Christmas and Boxing Day.

That much water in 24 hours!

Giwining will feelthe effects of this weather event for many years to come.

Floodwaters badly damaged infrastructure inside the park with walking tracks, toilet blocks, bore pumps and access tracks all needing repair or replacement while the small boat launch was washed away entirely.

The biggest change was in the forests that fringe the river. Usually home to many different critters, these thick shady swathes of greenery almost disappeared. Floodwaters uprooted huge fig trees and tall palms alike with raging waters scouring even the top soil away in many parts.

Giwining has been closed to visitors since the flood. Rangers have been working hard to repair or replace the toilet blocks and walking tracks so that visitors can enjoy this beautiful spot again in 2017. Weed management programs inside the park have also been in full swing with many problematic introduced plants popping up in the bare soil.

What we can’t immediately replace are the age old trees from along the river bank. These will definitely return to provide shade and shelter, one day, in their own time.

The Parks and Wildlife Commission hopes to have Giwining up and running for the dry season of 2017 so why not plan for a short mid-year break, watching the birds, staring up and the stars and waiting for the world to turn.

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