POWER: The past, present and future of South Australia’s energy plan have been a hotly-contested issue recently. State Shadow Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan says state Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis’ claims about State Liberal energy policies are ‘complete rubbish and a complete misrepresentation’.
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In a mediarelease issued on Sunday January 22, Mr Koutsantonis said it is ‘incredible’ that state Opposition Leader Steven Marshall thinks he can say he’ll increase reliability and lower prices withoutexplaining how.

“I can only assume Mr Marshall is proposal to buy back elements of the electricity grid that his Liberalparty sold … ” Mr Koutsantonis said.“…Because that’s theonly way he could bring the loss-making, privately-owned Northern Power Station back online, as hehas said he would do.”

Mr Koutsantonis’ claim follow his calls for state Liberal Leader Steven Marshall to announce ‘serious energy policy’ after being the Liberal Leader for 1448 days.Port Augusta based van Holst Pellekaan strongly denied these claims and when asked about the alleged state Liberal plans to buy back elements of the electricity grid, said he has ‘never heard of these ideas’.

“Don’t believe everything he (Mr Koutsantonis)says, we’ve never said we were going to buy back the power station, that’s complete rubbish and a complete misrepresentation,” he said.“His suggestion that the state Liberals ever suggested buying back the power station is complete rubbish, in fact, Alinta offered the state government to have the power station back for free.

He said his earlier claims to reopen the Port Augusta Power Station,would have involved, “When Alinta said we’re in strife, the state government should have said we will give you that help and we’ll help you stay open for 2 years, 4 years, or 6 years or whatever the appropriate time would be so we could have an orderly transition from fossil fuels to renewables,”

He denied that plan would involve keeping the power station open indefinitely and said the money Alinta was asking for was ‘absolutely minute’ compared to the cost that the state has borne since the power station closed.

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